Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mori Meme Day Seven

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your mori style. (not in any order)

 This girl's outfits fell right out of a magazine!
 Reminds me why I love mori-style - and she is absolutely adorable!
 A talented and crafty mori-girl~
Very talented at creating coordinates with influences of Mori, Lolita and Dolly-kei
Tasha Tudor
 Lived a true mori-girl lifestyle without even trying (or knowing it!) 

Yu Aoi
 Stunningly youthful and beautiful - perfect for the style! 

Hitomi Nomura
An innovator in mori/dolly-kei fashion

I love her adorable and unique vintage fashion finds ~

Hayao Miyazaki
Are your really that surprised? He is a mori-boy if there ever was one. His fantastical forests and characters add to the whimsical feel of mori-fashion.

A feisty yet fashionable heroine!
Blog & website list
  1. Cath
  2. Myakin
  3. Anya
  4. Martha
  5. Tasha Tudor
  6. Yu Aoi 
  7. Hitomi Nomura 
  8. Kairii 
  9. Hayao Miyazaki 
  10. Anne

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mori Meme Day Six

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in mori.

I don't quite understand how this is different from day two, so I'll go ahead and interpret it as "actual items I can't live without that happen to be mori" 

  1. My straw boater hat
  2. Rose Salve
  3. My giant Straw Bag
  4. Odd-fellows collars
  5. Calico critters
  6. My cute stationary
  7. My school backpack
  8. Getting Air Mail letters
  9. Bones
  10. My Mori interior design mook

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mori Meme Day Five

Day 5 – 10 items from your wish list. (Mori items specifically)
Lacey socks (& oxfords)

Fawn backpack

A cotton smock or apron

Fuji Instax Polaroid camera

Cicada brooch from Etsy

Japanese embroidery books

Lace tape

Swimmer fawn earmuffs

This sheer Syrup OP (on right) Maybe I can make this...

Cute brooches I found on Etsy
Thanks for looking!  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mori Meme Day Four

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

Carrot cake


Bread and butter

Cucumber sandwiches


Ice cream (& fruit of any sort)




Kinoko no yama candy (Japanese chocolate mushrooms)

Here is a special egg trick!
I have a tragic sweet tooth u__u (images from We Heart It)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mori Meme Day Three

I miss this ice cream/bakery shop :(

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in mori.
  1. The sour, dirty smell that stays on your hands (and in your drawers) after collecting acorns.
  2. Adorable socks that do not look good on my ankles
  3. How I cant find mori-esque overalls (or a lot of clothes in general) that I fit in and don't look like a blimp.
  4. Cute layering that does not allow for heat
  5. My fear to get bangs, which look so adorable with many Japanese fashions (I have quite long hair).
  6. How much you want to live in a nice forest, and not having one nearby.
  7. When you do general searches for mori, most results are for "momento mori" (though also interesting)
  8. I don't like how much I miss all the cute cafes and shops in the rural Japanese town I stayed in. 
  9. I don't like mori head fascinators (or them in general). 
  10. How jealous travel photo-shoots make me in ad campaigns and magazines

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mori Meme Day Two

Day 2 – 10 things you love in mori. (in no order)
  1. Clovers
  2. Thick unbleached and cream lace
  3. Fawn prints
  4. Crisp aprons and fancy collars
  5. Bunnies, deer and alpacas
  6. Backpacks and ruck sacks
  7. Bread and baked good motifs
  8. Exhaling and relaxing 
  9. Whimsical illustrations and photography
  10. The lack of drama and mass-manufacturing (hand-made and DIY style)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mori Meme Day One

I stole this meme off Tumblr ^_^;; Everyone please feel free to join as well!
Day 1 – 10 things about your mori bubble.
Day 2 – 10 things you love in mori.
Day 3 – 10 things you hate in mori.
Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.
Day 5 – 10 items from your wish list.
Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in mori.
Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your mori style.
Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for mori.
Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in mori.
Day 10 – What’s in your bag?
Day 11 – One day in your mori life in pictures.
Day 12 – A picture of yourself before mori came in to your life.
Day 13 – A picture of your favorite nature item.
Day 14 – A picture of your dream item.
Day 15 – A picture of your last mori purchase.
Day 16 – Your outfit for the day.
Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?
Day 18 – A picture of your favorite mori style.
Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?
Day 20 – A picture of a mori friend.
Day 21 – Your favorite fictional mori girl.
Day 22 – A picture of your room.
Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting.
Day 24 – A picture of you from a meet.
Day 25 – Your favorite mori themed artwork.
Day 26 – Your Facebook profile picture.
Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite mori style.
Day 28 – A picture of the perfect mori location.
Day 29 – A picture of a mori you would love to meet for real.
Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30

Day one: 10 things about your mori bubble

I'm not quite sure what this means... My small sphere of mori knowedge? 
  1. I do not know any mori girls in real life...just through the internet, how sad. Though I wouldn't expect to see many in Texas.
  2. I do not own any mori-brand clothing, but I am looking at a particular apron by SM2. My mori wardrobe is very small in general.
  3. I'm currently watching the live-action version of the Honey & Clover movie, but I can't seem to find a working video for part 7/8...T_T
  4. I am interested in creating more mori-themed photography and illustration.
  5. I searched Good Will today for mori-able clothing to no avail, but found pastel Junior Mints at the grocery store next door for 80 cents~
  6. I loved air-mail themed items.
  7. Besides mori, I love classic lolita, dolly-kei and cult-party kei style.
  8. All of my school supplies for this incoming school year is mori themed, including this pencil case from Sweet Macaron.
  9. I think over-sized overalls with rolled legs paired with leather lace-ups and lace-topped socks make an adorable mori outfit!
  10. I want Tasha Tudor's garden when I grow up.

Day one is completed :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Biscuit + Bag

I'm sorry if most of my posts end up being shopping hauls u__u;; I'm trying to save money a bit I don't have many outfits to post, so I buy many smaller items.

 I picked up this little pochette at the Sanrio store <3 I'm in love with the entire school-themed Chococat series, I wanted everything. It has an adjustable leather strap suitable for wearing across the chest. I've been finding myself wanting a small, easy daily bag that's still cute and I think this one fits the bill!

That's my phone peeking out~

Holds my phone, keys, rose salve and IW ribbon wallet easily.

I wanted to try this out! I thought it would be like a balm, but it's more of a goo >.<

Lastly I wanted to share my cute biscuit calculator from Chocolate Circle (only $7.95 + free shipping!!)
Quarter for size comparison

I love it! It's much clearer to real in person

I saved the stamps from the package (it came from China)... add to my tiny collection. What should I do with them?
 Thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candy and... Pomeranians?

Hi there! I just wanted to quickly show off my new 3DS! I love it so much :3 I've been playing Nintendogs + Cats religiously and I am the proud owner of a biscuit-colored Pomeranian pup named Potato ♪ and a cute red kitten named Ginger★

I ordered a (rip-off) Monokuro Boo skin off Ebay. I acutally chose the Cosmic black color for that purpose! 

So cute!


Back side

Why yes, that is a happy little poop keychain... it's the only matching one I had!
Bonus: my game cartridge case!

I also visited a Japanese import grocery store and picked up some candy and melon soda (which I drank before I took the picture)

yumyum ♪

Morning Glory Haul & Review

Hello everyone, it's one of my favorite times of year ♪ my annual Morning Glory school supply haul. I already bought enough folders at a local anime convention so I mainly bought notebooks. They are currently having a 20% off sale so I took this opportunity to get all of my shopping done. I was able to buy 21 items for about $50 plus shipping. Anyways, enough jabbering and onto the review.

The invoice stated that one of the journals was out of stock and they replaced it for me.

2-way pen/pencil + eraser set, how small and cute!

Can you see the pen and pencil inside? Twisting it switches between them

Cute small notepad. Has a nice texture.

Fairy tale themed sticky note pack (only the smaller ones are sticky).

Cute designs and a great value for under $2

Not sticky but still very cute

Cute glitter frog stickers I used on my school planner

Very cute large letter set, not given justice on website

Even has glitter!

More glitter!

Rilakkuma envelope folder with velcro closure (front)

Cute tin pencil case

Such cute detail!

I will probably use this for my art supplies at school

Cute kraft notebooks

The inside paper matches the background
This was the replacement journal I received. About the same size as the other one.
Detail shots. I can picture myself reading the cover while board in class XD

Map ring notebook, nice texture as well.


4 color/section notebook. 

Close-up of design

Can you see the different colored sections?

Smaller bound notebooks

Inside front cover
The rest of the pages 
I love the whale design!

The website didn't do justice for this illustration either :)

A cute candy striper design
Oh, they know me well.
The largest of the notebooks, wonderful texture (for all my AP economics notes, eek!)

This shows the different section tabs pretty well.

I am in love with this giant letter pad, 72 pages and 36 designs!!

One of the adorable designs
Aww :3

Yes, yes I will.
And next, the all important planner! It has an elastic band for security

Contents (not show on website)

I'm glad it has a spiral spine.

Inside page (yay pockets!)


Yearly plan

Monthly plan (you fill in the months/days/years yourself)

Weekly plans. Filling all the days in is a little tedious but this way I can buy it for any year. 

Additional memo pages 

There are also blank and grid pages

The last pages lets you record your contact info
Wheh! Congrats to anyone who finished that! Overall I am extremely happy (as normal) with Morning Glory. The package itself arrived in 5 days (they only ship within the US). Everything was much better in person than on the website. The notebooks have wonderful texture and are of high quality. I was also very satisfied with my planner. It's ridiculous the amount of time I spend looking for the perfect one and I'm glad this one worked out nicely (I saved on shipping and it was only $11, on sale). I'm also very glad I decided to buy the (slightly pricier than my other items at $4) letter pad. It's quality and designs are beautiful! I really like Morning Glory again because their motifs are usually aimed at a more natural/mori-esque aesthetic and are generally cheaper than Japanese products. These school supplies actually make me sort of excited for back to school... in the middle of summer!