Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candy and... Pomeranians?

Hi there! I just wanted to quickly show off my new 3DS! I love it so much :3 I've been playing Nintendogs + Cats religiously and I am the proud owner of a biscuit-colored Pomeranian pup named Potato ♪ and a cute red kitten named Ginger★

I ordered a (rip-off) Monokuro Boo skin off Ebay. I acutally chose the Cosmic black color for that purpose! 

So cute!


Back side

Why yes, that is a happy little poop keychain... it's the only matching one I had!
Bonus: my game cartridge case!

I also visited a Japanese import grocery store and picked up some candy and melon soda (which I drank before I took the picture)

yumyum ♪

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