Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit Post + Shopping

Hello everyone! Sorry for the scarce posts :( I have good news though! Spring and warm weather are in the air. Wildflowers are blooming and the Mountain Laurels smell sweeter than ever. I've also been aspiring to cultivate a small container garden. 

I was also just hired for my very first job! I start tomorrow. Here's a hint: it involves slushies, tater-tots and roller skates ;) 

My Dad also finished building me this lovely dresser! I have so much more storage room and my closest is so clean now~

I also did a bit of shopping and picked up a new dress and book on botanical illustration. I would really love to get better at drawing. Here are a few shots of it.

I know I probably deserve a slap on the wrist for not posting many outfit shots, but I really just don't have much suitable clothing. Hopefully the funds from my new job will help that!

Hat: Claire's Japan
Vest: Thrift Town
Dress: Old Navy
Bag: Japanese Recycle Shop (plus my handmade brooch)

Here's a similar coordinate with jeans instead. I couldn't decide which I liked better.

 (Jeans from Old Navy)
 Here's a a close up of the dress details
 And accessories! Betsey Johnson earrings...

... and a Beatrix Potter character necklace from the same Recycle Shop

I love her illustrations! She's a very probably "Who's That Mori-girl?" contender, isn't she?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

May All Be Safe

My condolences and wishes go out to all who's friends or loved ones were effected by the disaster in Japan . I feel extremely lucky that my host parents and Japanese friends live on the West Coast and were not effected. You can get through this, Japan. The world is at your side.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly Challenge Theme: Hats

Theme: Hats

This month I challenge you to get as creative as possible with your hats! It's getting sunny so might as well be over prepared for when the real heat arrives! Boaters, floppy hats, berets, stiff brimmed straw hats - what is your best hat trick? What kinds of ribbon or lace can you not resist? What kinds of flowers do you like to stick in your hats? If summer isn't around the corner in your nick of the woods, show us your warm, fuzzy hats! Please post your pictures!

March Lifestyle Ideas

  • This season's hot trend is pansies! Try press flowers to decorate art, make jewelry or display a whole plant in a cute container
  • Pansies also remind me of violets - and Choward's Violet Mints
  • Start incorporating more soft creams and fawn browns into your outfits
  • Have you read the Anne of Green Gables series (or seen the movie)? I highly recommend it! (I'll probably do a Who's that Mori-girl post on Anne soon)
  • Always wanted a flower or small vegetable garden but couldn't find the space or good soil? Why not a container garden? Choose fun pots or unusual containers - don't forget little garden critters!
  • Straw hats are cute, but why not try a full brimmed straw sunhat - both stiff and floppy styles
  • Try making new, fragrant spring desserts like Strawberry Mille-feuille, rose brownies or lavender macaroons
  • The band The Album Leaf creates some soft, sweet music perfect for spring
  • Try to take a small walk as often as you can. I recently discovered how exciting it is to watch birds chirp to other birds 
  • Speaking of birds, try attracting them with a yummy blend of fresh seeds in a cute feeder. If you don't have a backyard, try a park or preserve to spot wild birds