Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Hello everyone! I wanted to share some of the goodies I received for Christmas!

A ouija board, floral bag and a book about Frida Kahlo's wardrobe

Some yummy smelling soaps

A ceramic bunny, cameo, box and James Avery heart knot ring

Close up

A carved wooden box and black Moleskine journal

More jewelry and crane embroidery scissors

A tea cup piggy toy! So cute <3

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chirstmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers! Thank you so much for your support!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nature Journal

In an earlier post, I suggested making a nature journal. I try be best to practice what I preach, so I've make my own sketch journal. I'm interested in biomedical illustration as a career, so this is good practice for me :) So far, I'm trying to draw all of the organic objects in my room and them move on outside. All of the sketches are in normal graphite.
My journal is a thin kraft paper Moleskine

I found the logo in a LIFE magazine from the 1970's

First page; acorns

Teeth and jaws


Fish and ocean items

Acorn close up

Jaw close up

Small vertebrae

Fish spines

Earmuffs Tutorial

I realized I never posted any shots of me wearing my earmuffs, so here they are! And while I'm at it, I had requests to make a tutorial. Unfortunately, I have no photos, but I can give a step by step process. I apologize for the complicated-ness of it (>.<) I hope this helps!

  • Headband or recycled earmuff band
  • Fluff or recycled earmuff stuffing + smooth fabric (that touches your ears)
  • Faux fur (deer in this case)
  • Needle & thread
  • Hot Glue 
  • Optional: ribbon or other accessories 
  1. Remove component parts if your are recycling old ear muffs
  2. Sew your fur into a "pocket", to where it can be stuffed (but don't close it up)
  3. Stuff your fur pocket with filling and add the fabric you want touching your ear, pin everything together!
  4. Sew everything together, leaving an opening to insert your head band
  5. Once your reach the headband opening, insert the headband
  6. If your headband is plastic, glue it to the furry part
  7. If it is covered with fabric and can be sewn, carefully sew the two pieces together
  8. Make sure all pieces are secure and the fur is securely sewn to avoid loose fluff coming off
  9. If your headband is plastic, try wrapping it with velvet or satin ribbon, sewing or gluing it every few inches/cm
  10. Sew or glue on little satin bows or flowers etc to the sides
My earmuffs were completely sewn, since I was able yo sew the fur to the fabric of the headband. The bow is also sewn (there is just one). 

DIY: Ornaments

I wanted to try making my own mori-inspired tree ornaments, so here is a small photo tutorial (my very first tutorial as a matter of fact)! I made these out of items I found around my room, so I'm sure they could look much better if you used different items, like mosses and little flowers. No glue or tape was used, the tops secure themselves and everything inside the balls are loose.

Dried flower petals

Small sea shells and egg shells + a snail shell

Feathers and more rose petals

Only small acorns will fit!

Ribbon and lace for bows

Ornaments themselves can be purchased at most craft stores

Let's get started, shall we?
This is what it looks like without the top

Add petals and other little things to your liking

That looks good!

Add a ribbon by tying it around the mouth of the ornament

With a bow, it's finished!

 Here are my finished products (in the light to show detail)

On our tree :)
Happy crafting everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping presents has always been almost more fun than opening presents for me. Here are a few ideas for presents so cute, no one will want to open them!

Wrapping Materials
  • Vintage or National Geographic maps
  • Brown craft paper
  • Vintage tin
  • Cigar box
  • Off-white parchment paper
  • A vintage scarf
  • Hand-made paper (with pressed flowers in it)! 
  • Gingham print
  • Cath Kidson-esque floral paper
  • Sheet music 
  • Pretty news print with lots of text 
  • Layers of tissue paper
  • Plaid/tartan or make your own using paint or colored pencils

Tying Materials
  • Natural thin rope or wine
  • Satin ribbons
  • Leather cord
  • Rawhide cord
  • Lace
  • Lace tape
  • Deco tape
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Raffia 
  • Soft yarn
  • Embroider a faux bow with thick yarn or ribbon 
  • Birch-patterned ribbon (make irregular white lines with paint, see photo above)

  • Pine cones
  • Brass or vintage buttons
  • Acorns
  • Bright berry sprigs 
  • Evergreen sprigs
  • Paper snowflakes
  • Candy canes
  • Acorns/shells
  • A fantastic brooch 
  • Stamps
  • Lace doilies
  • Silk Flowers 
  • Sea shells
  • Old photographs or polaroids
  • Vintage name tags (stickers or attached) 
  • Small pen drawings 
  • Little silver charms
Write names with a black ink pen or white pencil. Try layering papers for a different look on name tags.

If you are giving more than one present to someone at the same time, try coordinating all of the packages with a common color scheme or motif~ 

Here are a few inspirational images:

Happy wrapping!