Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nature Journal

In an earlier post, I suggested making a nature journal. I try be best to practice what I preach, so I've make my own sketch journal. I'm interested in biomedical illustration as a career, so this is good practice for me :) So far, I'm trying to draw all of the organic objects in my room and them move on outside. All of the sketches are in normal graphite.
My journal is a thin kraft paper Moleskine

I found the logo in a LIFE magazine from the 1970's

First page; acorns

Teeth and jaws


Fish and ocean items

Acorn close up

Jaw close up

Small vertebrae

Fish spines


  1. ah i simply have to leave a comment on this! I'm just taking a break from writing my dissertation piece on anatomical illustration and over the past couple of years i have done an awful lot of specimen drawing in several museums. I found the best place to draw specimens of animals is in university collections. All you have to do is call up universities or colleges that teach zoology an ask if you'd be allowed access to their specimens, even if they don't have any space for you to sketch try an take high res. pictures and work from them. Museums are good for this kind of thing and sometimes will give you access to their collections but universities tend to let you touch and move models so they are in the light or at the angle you want.

    i'm sorry if you have done all this before an i'm just babbling at you! It's just so rare i come accross someone who doesn't think i'm wierd for liking things in jars!
    Are you currently studying? I read that biomed illustrators have to be trained in physiology, histiology, pathology and even neaurology, is that true??
    i don't know if you'd be interested but you can see some of what i've come up with here http://www.flickr.com/photos/electricalgloom/sets/72157616354561798/
    and here

  2. Wow! that you for so much information, that's really useful ^_^ I'm actually not even in college yet, so I haven't done any of this! I would really love trying to draw university specimens, there's a big one really close by! There is a pretty intense anatomy & physiology class at my school, but I opted to be the teacher's class aid next year after explaining that I wanted to draw things in his room XD He understood. Thanks again for all this info, I'll definably check out your work :)