Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Lifestyle Ideas

  • Swap butter and sweeteners for honey - it's good for your skin, antibacterial, never expires and tastes great on toast!
  • Try a different color scheme than you are used to for your outfits. Consider soft plumbs, light teals and faded oranges
  • Relax with a nice Ghibli movie - one of my personal favorites is Kiki's Delivery Service ♫
  • Go for an early morning bike ride - pack a picnic breakfast and relax in the shade
  • Find your inner Heidi and crown your head in braids. Looped braids with a beret also look cute ♪
  • Ever tried milk tea? Here's an easy recipe
  • Experiment with unusual mori silhouettes - such as baby-doll style dresses or loose, saggy pants
  • I'm thinking about trying yoga this summer - it's said to be a great stress reliever and tones your core, which helps you loose weight!
  • Escape the early summer head with an afternoon at the Library. 
  • Save table tops from cool drinks with these cute fabric house coasters!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Challenge: Sea Life

As the weather warms up my feet begin itching to get to the water. Unfortunately, living in the middle of Texas means that my water-front options are limited. While there is a reasonable selection of lakes and rivers, nothing beats the beach. Not just for swimming, but shell collecting and animal watching. Aquariums are another favorite spot of mine because I get to experience all of the sea life I want without pink cheeks and sandy tones. If you haven't guessed yet, this month's theme is sea life! I suggest cute critters like sea horses, jellyfish and sea gulls. Draw inspiration from any critters you would normally find at the beach. Include nautical stripes and color pallets for an extra beachy feel ♥

Theme: Sea Life

Macaroon Berry

I tried my first macaroon this weekend ♪ raspberry~

I also made two pairs of earrings and 2 phone straps. Raspberry and blackberry ♥  The phone straps will probably be up on Milk Thistle soon ♥