Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Bag + Sweet Macaron

I quickly wanted to share two treasures with you. The first is an adorable vintage straw basket. I bought it from an antiques dealer who said it belonged to a late Texas fashonista. By the looks of the other pieces of her wardrobe that were there, I'd say so too! The inside has an adorable (yet fairly worn) fruits print and is the perfect size!

Made in British Hong Kong?
The second item is my long-awaited pencil pouch that I commissioned from Sweet Macaron (located in Singapore). She has a variety of fabrics to choose from and I thought this would be adorable for next school year (I'm going mori-themed with my school supplies).

That is all!

Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Dolly Crafts

Here's an update on some impromptu crafting I managed to do today :)
Firstly, I wanted a bag similar to this one and decided to make it myself! 
 I used a plain natural color canvas bag and red acrylic paint. 
Calculator, painter's tape, an eraser, pencil, ruler & scissors

Acrylic craft paint (dark red)

WIP shot

But... oh no! Unexpected spots :( I couldn't get them out...

What will I do??
Lace bits to the rescue! 
Looks even a bit more Dolly-kei, doesn't it?
More crafts (loosely inspired by the "Dolly" line of accessoires)
Raspberry strap (charm from Japan, leaves and lace are scraps)

Strawberry brooch

Velvet rose brooch

A simple cream ribbon brooch

I hope to make a few collars like these and other cute items in the near future:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Nature is so delicate, isn't it? Especially birds. They have been a reoccurring theme this summer. From birds of all varieties and sizes flocking to our backyard for water, to babies making happy rackets to less fortunate experiences. I found this delicate treasure while biking one day, cleaned and took it home. I can hardly tell I'm holding it, it's so weightless. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Lifestyle Ideas

  • Look for accessories for this month's challenge (Sailor!) at beach-side vintage or antique shop
  • Try a sweet "Pink Lady" soda I tried at a vintage candy shop - Mix (your preference) of 7-up, Orange Sunkist, a hint of raspberry flavor and top off with Italian cream
  • Coordinate outfits with soft tulle and gauze instead of lace for a unique look 
  • Practice making "Zakka" pouches - they are a simple sewing expenditure! - Here are some cute fabrics and zippers
  • Have a yummy breakfast of waffles topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar - so sugary and delicious! 
  • Take a visit to your local botanical center to enjoy wildflowers and wildlife
  • Bring a sketch book or camera along with you to record the beautiful life you observe there!
  • Layer decorative lace collars over a simple shirt or blouse
  • Try sewing cute felt cakes and sweets
  • Collect vintage decorative tins to store your mori treasures

Monthly Challenge Theme: Sailor

Theme: Sailor

An adorable look
Wow! This month is already so hot. +__+ Isn't this a perfect opportunity to doll up in breezy sailor dresses and explore a lake, beach or dock? You can find blue and white sailor stripes plus plenty of peter pan collars in Syrup's summer collection! Key components of the sailor style are bright white bleached cotton, blue stripes, boater hats, rounded collars, ascots, rectangular back collars, and nautical themes like anchors, knots, ship steers, fish, seahorses and mermaids. Straw accents help give your outfit a beachy vibe. If you're thinking of a photo shoot, an original idea may be to combine sailor outfits with whimsical balloons and carnival scenery for a true "beach pier" look.

Thread Fair Fashion Show

Hi again! A while ago I mentioned that I was busy with a student charity fashion show. Luckily I was able to locate some pretty nice photos and I thought I would share them! The designs are loosely Lolita-inspired, but that's because everything I do is loosely Lolita-inspired! >.< The green dress is definable more mori-inspired though. I am by no means a proper or experienced seamstress or designed. I wanted to participate one for the charity and two to attempt to create images or outfits that had been stuck in my head for some time. All of the dresses are hand-sewn and the heart/lungs dress is all hand-embroidered (it's also my favorite dress). The faux fawn accessories and flower clips are hand-made as well. I hope you enjoy the outfits, they are fun to make!

All the models except the far right are in my designs

Heart embroidery dress (my fav!)

Fawn dress
I really like this shot for some reason

Rose dress

Heidi Dress (not to happy with the fit of this one)

One last walk! (That's me on the left haha)
P.S. the photos were taken by one of my friend/her father - not me! I was too busy backstage to even see my looks! DX

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trinkets and Mori Girl Interiors

Hello~ Just a quick update before I work on my monthly posts!

My friend recently returned from a year long home stay and gave me these cute rose pins and biscuit buttons - how sweet!

I also bought a few items from Etsy.

First cute red gingham deco tape. It's almost to cute to use!

And the Mori Girl interior design magazine! I love the simple, practical furniture and decor. I'm already thinking of ways to decorate a tiny college dorm room for the future


I'm still waiting on a hand-made pencil pouch and a cute biscuit calculator (since I won't be doing any real math next year in school). I hope they arrive soon!