Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Dolly Crafts

Here's an update on some impromptu crafting I managed to do today :)
Firstly, I wanted a bag similar to this one and decided to make it myself! 
 I used a plain natural color canvas bag and red acrylic paint. 
Calculator, painter's tape, an eraser, pencil, ruler & scissors

Acrylic craft paint (dark red)

WIP shot

But... oh no! Unexpected spots :( I couldn't get them out...

What will I do??
Lace bits to the rescue! 
Looks even a bit more Dolly-kei, doesn't it?
More crafts (loosely inspired by the "Dolly" line of accessoires)
Raspberry strap (charm from Japan, leaves and lace are scraps)

Strawberry brooch

Velvet rose brooch

A simple cream ribbon brooch

I hope to make a few collars like these and other cute items in the near future:

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