Friday, June 24, 2011

Vintage Bag + Sweet Macaron

I quickly wanted to share two treasures with you. The first is an adorable vintage straw basket. I bought it from an antiques dealer who said it belonged to a late Texas fashonista. By the looks of the other pieces of her wardrobe that were there, I'd say so too! The inside has an adorable (yet fairly worn) fruits print and is the perfect size!

Made in British Hong Kong?
The second item is my long-awaited pencil pouch that I commissioned from Sweet Macaron (located in Singapore). She has a variety of fabrics to choose from and I thought this would be adorable for next school year (I'm going mori-themed with my school supplies).

That is all!


  1. Oh wow! Such a beautiful bag!! I love it! And Made in British Hong Kong - in case, you know, you get confused with the new HK XD Haha!

    Beautiful purchases, dear!

  2. the pencil pouch is so cute! I like the shape and how tiny it looks