Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Lifestyle Ideas

  • If the weather permits, plan a strawberry picking outing. Use a straw basket and a wear a soft, cotton apron
  • Innocent world has a wonderful mori-able jsk to match!
  • It's never too early to plan for school! I have a year of high school yet but I'm already looking at mori-style interior design books for dorm ideas (Japanese apartments and dorms are about the same size, aren't they?)
  • This Japanese furniture website has a gallery of bedroom ideas
  • Here's a simple craft to try: make simple bow brooches using different colors and textures of ribbon and lace and sew/glue on a pin. Experiment with layers of fabric too
  • Try unusual accessories like big-rimmed granny glasses
  • Create a light scarf by sewing together vintage lace doilies 
  • Nothing makes a more perfect summer bag than a straw basket or small picnic case with a doily attached to it
  • Tokyo Jam has a selection of Japanese mori-esque craft and embroidery tutorial mook scans
  • Wondering how to add mori-style to the ever-necessary summer shorts? Add eyelet lace trim to the leg hole or add patches of lace around the legs and pockets

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