Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Biscuit + Bag

I'm sorry if most of my posts end up being shopping hauls u__u;; I'm trying to save money a bit I don't have many outfits to post, so I buy many smaller items.

 I picked up this little pochette at the Sanrio store <3 I'm in love with the entire school-themed Chococat series, I wanted everything. It has an adjustable leather strap suitable for wearing across the chest. I've been finding myself wanting a small, easy daily bag that's still cute and I think this one fits the bill!

That's my phone peeking out~

Holds my phone, keys, rose salve and IW ribbon wallet easily.

I wanted to try this out! I thought it would be like a balm, but it's more of a goo >.<

Lastly I wanted to share my cute biscuit calculator from Chocolate Circle (only $7.95 + free shipping!!)
Quarter for size comparison

I love it! It's much clearer to real in person

I saved the stamps from the package (it came from China)...

...to add to my tiny collection. What should I do with them?
 Thank you for reading!


  1. I love all the little things you find! I especially love the biscuit calculator! There's something so appealing about food-shaped stationary haha

  2. Chococat is my favourite, wonderful find! Wow, you're so lucky to have Sanrio stores in the US (there aren't any in the UK) :(

    And I'm trying to save money right now, so I can only wondow shop through other people's hauls. So don't worry at all about posting them! ;)