Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monthly Challenge Theme: Ducks

Wouldn't this look nice with a cute white cardigan and boater hat?
 Theme: Ducks 

March is the time of year where I live for rainstorms and green shoots of grass popping up between cement cracks, and of course, ducks! ♥ If you read my last few posts, you may have noticed that the retention pond by my house is full and filled with little duckies (that were too far away for me to photograph). Anyways, if you haven't guessed it, this month's theme is ducks! And how exactly are you going to incorporate ducks into your mori-life? Well let me suggest a few ideas: feed some ducks (of course - but try to use food specifically for ducks), where an outfit with a duck motif, in duck colors, wear feather accessories, make duck-shaped cookies, draw pictures with ducks, learn a duck call (haha!) or raid the Easter section of your local grocery or department store for duck-themed goodies ♥

 ♥ Remember to link to your responses in the comments section below ♥

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh duck duck, goose!

    Those ducks on the dress reminds me of Golden Books illustrations. And yes, I would wear this dress with a boater hat. :)