Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Lifestyle Ideas

Eek! It's already a week in to March! Please forgive me and enjoy these tips ♥
  • Tie a vintage silk scarf around your shoulders like a loose collar
  • Make a mood board of things you're looking forward to this spring or summer. Include photos, soft ribbons, dried flowers and anything else that reminds you of the season. Hang the board somewhere you will see it often
  • Bloomers are a pretty easy sewing project - try making your own with lots of soft cotton lace. Loose bloomers keep a coordinate looking simply and very mori ♥
  • Alternatively, try making a cute scrunchie - earth tones with thin lace look very nice
  • You know that alpacas are adorable, but have you ever worn something made from alpaca yarn? Or what about Angora rabbit? Check Etsy for these handmade items.
  • Brown leather school satchels add a very cute "prep school" feel to an outfit and are very practical bags!
  • Design a coordinate around your favorite musical instrument - extra points for originality 
  • Love berets? Check Ebay for inexpensive plain berets and decorate them with velvet ribbon, pearls, lace and polka dots!
  • Did you know that over-the-door shoe organizers are a great way to organize your tights, socks and other small accessories as well? Give it a try? 
  • Award style (aka "blue ribbon" style) ribbons are currently trending as very popular brooches. Pick a ribbon with muted earth tones and hints of gold for a subtly frilly addition to an outfit. 

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  1. These ideas are all so cute~♥ I definitely want to try them, especially the mood board!