Monday, April 2, 2012

Monthly Challenge Theme: Mint

 Theme: Mint 

  In honor of spring and everything that is new, beautiful and vibrant, this month's challenge theme is mint! The color, the taste, the plant, everything! Mint happens to be just about my favorite color as well! It's cool, refreshing and attractive. Not quite green, not quite blue and just wonderful. Did you know that in many cultures, mint symbolized hospitality and was offered as a sign of welcome and friendship to guests as they arrived? Let's welcome spring this way!

 Anyways, I encourage you to add a splash of mint into your life this month! Paint a wall, paint a bike, paint a picture frame, anything you like. If this theme sounds extra tasty, why not try one of these recipes? At the very least, add a small pop of mint to your outfit! May I suggest a light scarf, watch, sweater, nail polish, or cute thigh high socks c:

I'm loving these back packs!

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