Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing Milk Thistle

Designing my own accessory and art line has always been a dream for me. The idea of selling my handmade items and art has always stayed in the back of my mind. Well, I don't think I want to wait any longer!

I am officially introducing my line of art and accessories: Milk Thistle. 

This is not going to be a very large scale endeavor, I plan to just sell online and maybe at anime conventions (along with actual anime/manga inspired art). I'm really looking forward to setting up and decorating a cute little booth table and talking to customers ♫
My art will incorporate various aspects and aesthetics of Lolita, Mori and Dolly-kei styles.

I hope to make and sell the following types of items: 
  • Berry key chains
  • Deer puff keychains
  • Biscuit and French-themed items
  • Dolly-kei inspired hair pins and brooches 
  • Different types of fruit, flower and food brooches
  • Deer puff and bow berets
  • Various styles of hair bows and brooches
  • Lace bows and pins
  • Small pouches 
  • Button hair ties
  • Peter pan, fur and lace scrap collars
  • Vintage Odd Fellows collars
  • Mini stuffed and clay animal brooches
  • Furry headbands and earmuffs
  • Tassel necklaces
  • Prints, tote bags, buttons, key chains, stickers and stationary of my original art
  • And who knows what else!
As of now, I have several extra items avaliable for sale. I may later devote a separate page or blog specifically for sales, but for now I will post them on this blog.  I am by no means a professional, but I try my best to make durable and well-crafted items. I usually keep one version of an item for myself to use and then sell multiples of that item.

Terms of Sales: 
  • I use PayPal. The buyer is responsible for the fee
  • The buyer pays shipping, I am willing to ship internationally, but it's often expensive
  • Please ask for a shipping quote.
  • If you would like to see my feedback links, I have Ebay and EGL comm sales avaliable 
  • All items come from a smoke-free home.
  • Once I ship an item, it is beyond my responsibility (though you make purchase insurance or tracking).
  • Commissioned items my slightly differ in appearance.
  • I try my best to construct items well, but being handmade means they are somewhat fragile. 
  • Feel free to ask any questions or make requests. 
The items below are avaliable for direct sale (I am able to make more deer puffs and maybe one or two more berry key chains, I need to check my supplies)
Sweet Berry key chains -  $5 each
Bambi puffs (small or large) - $4 each

Natural Fawn puffs (slightly differ in size) - $5 each

Cute Acorn hair clip set (acorns are glued to fabric) - $2 each or $7 for set

Petit Beurre barrette set - $5
The items below are avaliable for commission (actual items may slightly vary)
French Cafe brooch series - $5 each or $12 for set

Felt Chocolate brooch - $4

Cute Biscuit brooch series - $4 each or $10 for set

Rose brooch - $4, Dolly-kei brooch - $3

Sweet Strawberry brooch - $5
Cream bow brooch - $4

Puffy Velvet 2-way bow - $6
 I especially would appreciate funds for Christmas shopping right now ;__; 

Wouldn't these make cute gifts? ;) 

Thank you for looking and please support me!


  1. Oh whoa, I love some of those! I'll be back when I get paid!

    Huh, natural fawn puffs? How do they get the fur...?

  2. Both types of fur are from two different jackets I bought off Ebay auctions (both are synthetic!!)

  3. Oh, I was a bit :O there for a minute wqondering if there could possibly be any way to get fawn fur without hurting it. Thank goodness it's fake - and adorable!

    I'll be here after the 15th to buy some things - can you please check the price for shipping to Brazil with a tracking number?

  4. Yay! ♥
    It depends on the weight of the items, but I estimate between $5-10 with tracking since the items are very light (but the fact that it's international will still mean it's a little pricey). I can get a better estimate and refund any shipping differences later if you like ^o^

  5. Hello! I just got back from holiday and just seen your post. Your things are lovely. How much would it cost in total for the two bambi puffs and the strawberry brooch, with shipping to Australia?
    xx Katie

  6. Hello! :D I want to order. I want the sweet straberry brooch, the dark berry strap, one of the acorn barrettes, the petit beurre set, the pink "natural" puff, the felt chocolate brooch and the heart biscuit brooch. :O Do you have an e-mail or some other way we can talk? My e-mail is candiesandlaces at gmail. :)

  7. Ugh, the previous comment was posted with my other gmail account. Valetine = Carolina. -_-

  8. @Carolina: I will be emailing you shortly.
    @ApartmentCat: It would be $20 including shipping and pp fees.