Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goodies from Grandma ♥

I love my Grandma ♥

She found this silly print for me at an estate sale 

Dem shoulder puffs!
She also got me this wonderful box of lace, embroidery floss and ribbon *A*

It also came with this cute crocheted collar 

On a side note, my beret finally came in! I think it looks adorable with my natural fawn fur puff ♥

I'm not sure exactly how to wear a beret, it's rather large in my opinion. 
Feel free to laugh at my attempt to get a photo of the back of my head. 

Another side note, I tried to work on a video room tour today, but I'm having trouble editing the video. It was taken on a crappy old digital camera and I just want to add text and a song. Does anyone know and good free video editing sites/soft wares? Thanks!


  1. The collar and hat are really lovely. :)

    What is your OS? If you have windows there's windows movie maker... for a smaller sized video the program should work OK.

  2. I use windows 7. I think I downloaded the movie maker, but I haven't tried it yet.