Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deer Fur Crafting Updates

Hi again ♪ 
I just wanted to show off what I've made with my fancy new fawn fur so far c:

The majority of the jacket went into making this vest (worn photos will come soon, I forgot to take a photo of my outfit when I wore it u.u)

I also made a puff pin for my beret (that is taking a very long time to arrive, oh China...)
And a giant puffy bow!

One of my favorite pieces is this headband!! There are pearls sewn into the fur.

And last but not least, deep puffs!! Interested in buying one? Stay tuned for my next post ♥

Do you see my new friend? I love him ♥♥♥

I bought a lot of craft supplies during Black Friday (haha, I'm so much more interested in crafts than electronics or anything like that). I bought beads, a shadow box, ribbon, lace and a headband base. I also bought some pearl strand off Etsy.

Here is a yummy recipe ♫

Rose Lychee Milk Tea
  • Peeled lychee nuts (can find canned in the Asian section of grocery stores)
  • Milk (about half a cup)
  • Ice (8 large cubes)
  • Optional: a tiny bit of rose water
Directions: Mix ingredients in blender, be careful not to add too many nuts, as this will make the drink very thick and "chewy". A more "watery" drink works much better. Another option is to add tapioca pearls, which can be found (dry) at Asian food stores. Boil the pearls according to the directions on the packet and make bubble tea! Enjoy~

I would like to also give a special thank you to Anya, who I won a lovely embroidered bow from in her give away. Thank you again!! I can't wait to get it ^_^


  1. All of those items you made are lovely! I can't wait to see the vest on you :3
    And I'll definitely have to try the Lychee milk tea soon. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to get hold of the ingredients, but I'll try!

  2. Trust me, I was surprised to find a can of them in Texas... Good luck!

  3. The headband is so adorable! I've been on the hunt myself for something made out of faux bambi fur that I could chop up to bits too XD

  4. That headband is sooooo cute. :3 I'm definitely looking forward to outfit snaps with all of these lovely things you've made recently!

  5. The headband is just perfect! <3

  6. The headband is so adorable! I love all the things you made <3