Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Deery, Me

I've been bitten by the crafting bug again ^o^
Mostly to make deer things. Oh how I love deer things. 
My first hand-made collar was pretty lopsided, so I scraped it.
I made cute pom-poms out of it. 
Three key chains pom-poms and one pin for my beret (which is is the mail) c:
(I got the idea for that from Fawn & Doll) 
I added loops and buttons to my cuffs and deconstructed my earmuffs.
They hurt my ears, so I decided I would buy an earmuff base and customize it. 
Small collar
What's left of the earmuffs
Finished cuffs
Underside of the beret pom-pom
Top of pom-pom

Pom poms keychains!
While I was wearing my new collar, one of the sides of the ribbon detached :'c
I tried my best to re-sew it, but it was a rather awkward angle. 

 It still looks fine, I think
I also ordered new "fabric"

 This one was rather cheap.
(^This jacket is still for sale^)
This design pops up once in a while, so I wanted to grab it while I could!

This one was not cheap (relativity)
Well, compared to the scarcity of fabric, $50 wasn't bad, I guess. 

I have a long list of items I want to make when the jackets arrive.
Most of the designs are of item I want but cannot afford u_u

My list of items to make includes:
1. A vest (this will take up the majority of the large jacket)
2. A head band with a bow and pearls (from the large jacket)
3. My beret (I already made the pom-pom from my left over fabric)
4. A furry 2-way bow (from the large jacket)
5. A hat (from the small jacket)
6. More pom-pom key chains with a bow and pearl chain (from both jackets)
7. Earmuffs (from the small and large jackets, hopefully)
8. A new collar (from the small jacket)
9./10. This was just finishing the small collar and cuffs 

Besides dear things, I also got some other crafting materials

I want to make this button into a hair accessory. I think Wonder Rocket made something similar, does anyone have a link for that?
 This is going to be for Dolly-style accessories

Ribbon and pearls for brooches and key chains

And a bunny stamp! :3 
♦ Thanks for reading! ♦


  1. You're full of creative ideas! I really like the idea of the fawn vest and beret <3
    Is the the accessory you're talking about?
    I can't wait to see your version! It really reminds me of the Borrowers :)

  2. How nifty that you found fawn fabric, I've been looking so far with little luck! This is such a creative post, I want to craft myself too, plus the She-Ra title reference is amusing. Good luck with your new projects.


  3. @Cath: That is exactly the item I was looking for ^o^ It also reminds me a lot of Arrietty.
    I'm just worried about finding a sturdy enough elastic that won't stretch out :( But not I know how to attach the button, thanks!
    @Anya: I'm glad you liked the reference, because I was previously unaware that I made one! XD