Thursday, December 22, 2011

Deer Muffs

Hehe, my "Deer Muffs" are complete! 
Well, I thought that was a clever name >.>
Anyways, they started off as a cheap pair of Forever 21 ear muffs

And were stripped down to the plastic base, where I glued ribbon and lace to the head band part. 
Next, I used the ear parts as a base to measure the deer fabric and sewed the two slips. I filled them with fluff and sewed them up ♥ The headband length is adjustable, which is really nice.
After that, I went a little overboard and added pompom bows ^_^; 
I can always take them off if I don;t like them later, but I like them for now. 

They're nice and warm. I think I'll wear them when I go shopping with my Dad (our annual tradition) tomorrow night ♥

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