Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Secret Santa Gifts ♥

I am so happy ^o^ My Mori Girl Secret Santa gifts arrived today! I cannot express how much I absolutely love everything!! The organizer of the exchange helped provide our partner information about our interests/likes/dislikes but it's as if she knew me personally ♪

Even the box was adorable

 I though this was so sweet - I want to start doing this too!

There were four individual packages and an adorable bear letter set. Each package had a "theme".
Also, I love kraft paper *A*

So cute ♥♥♥

 This was a cute letter-themed envelope. I love her handwriting (and mail themes!)

It contained an adorable card, tiny clothes pin and handmade pouch. I think I'll use it for coins or tissues at school~

"For the cold winter days"

Super soft pastel room socks (that should fit me, yay!) and an adorable earmuff/headband thing ♥
(I've been recently interested in room wear, but she didn't know that ;)

"For the mori girl at home" 

I love the over mitten! How did she know I'm afraid of my oven? XD Or that I (recently) love gingham! The bunny duster is also precious. It's going to be very useful since my room gets so dusty so fast!

"For the crafty mori girl"

I love embroidery, and oh my gosh, those colors!! And the sewing tin is so perfect ♥

I am completely overjoyed with my gifts, I could have not asked for anything more perfect! (I secretly feel like the luckiest Secret Santa recipient hehe c; )
Thank you so much Tiffany!


  1. Looks like the perfect gifts! Really wonderfull and I love the themed envelopes ♥