Sunday, January 30, 2011


I would like to share a new hobby I'm discovering... stamp collecting! No, not postage stamps, rubber stamps. I'm not sure where the interest sprouted from, but I have quickly fallen in love. Rubber stamps have a very nostalgic and natural feel, don't they?

These are the first two stamps I have bought (notice that they are a fern and fawn)? (^_^)

I decided to make stationary envelopes with them, but I smell a new banner image possibly as well!

Oh! and the cute air mail pouch that the stamps are sitting on was Christmas gift my friend purchased from Fred Flare

My most recent stamp purchase is a little biscuit cookie from this shop. I would really like to get my hands on a few lace stamps and adhesive lace tape as well.

 Here are a few other cute ones:

I haven't bought anything from this shop yet, but here are a few of my favorite stamps and stamp sets:

I hope to establish a cute collection of stamps <3


  1. I love rubber stamps. My mother has a small collection for the kids to play with, and it's so nice to see my nieces and nephews playing with the same stamps my brother and I did when we were their age. I've always meant to start a collection of my own, but I just never seem to get around to it. I love these stamps you have here! I might have to start collecting after all~

  2. Hello! I just run into your blog and it is lovely!
    The circus stamps look very smart. Thank you for sharing the shop! Sincerly - Barbara