Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's in My Bag?

I'm always really interested in seeing "what's in my bag" type photos and posts, I guess that's a little creepy... Or maybe my OCD just enjoys seeing items evenly spaced. Anyways, I thought I'd try one! My style is a cross between classic lolita, and mori-girl/natural kei aesthetics, so my bag contents tend to reflect that. This was fun to make ^_^

My actual bag (bag from Japan, lace collar from EGL comm)

  1. Innocent World ribbon wallet (my pride and joy) + Capybara-san cookie key chain
  2. Sanrio 2011 date-mate (got from the Sanrio fashion show)
  3. "Catch-all" journal for miscellaneous thoughts
  4. New vintage home economic guidebook
  5. Black glove for chilly weather
  6. Ipod Nano + Deary Lou case 
  7. Bert's Bees Honey chap stick 
  8. Choward's Violet mints (they taste like flowers!)
  9. My Keys 
  10. My LG Optimus phone + HK/Lawson screen cleaner 

 So what's in your bags? Do you have a bag post (yet)? If so, link away!


  1. Ohhh, I also love "What's in my bag?" tyoe of photos. Yours is really kawaii. Gloves and wallet are so cute; and what's that book about??
    The bag is so Mori-girl... so nice! ^^

    I haven't done this "What's in my bag" post... I'll do it soon and let ya know.

    Sugar kisses!

  2. These posts are the funnest!

    Your bag is so cute! And you choose the things you carry around most wisely! You aren't carrying around your whole house like I do! I might as well be a turtle, really!

    Here's my first bag post -
    It's a little old and your post has inspired me to do a new updated one!