Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monthly Challenge Theme: Roses

Theme: Roses
In honor of February and St. Valentine's Day, this month's challenge theme is roses ♥ This can mean rose motifs, scents, flavors, gardening, cute rose crowns, rosy cheeks and just about anything else!

I recently made some rose water brownies and got many complements on them :) This blog also has a recipe for rose jelly - yum!
(I didn't use this recipe, though, I just replaced ~1 tsp of the amount of water it called for on the box with rose water)

Remember to post your stuff ♪


  1. I'll definitely try to take up this theme! I have many fake roses about the place, and a lot of free time to be creative!
    I really enjoy these theme posts, they really make me think about new ways of styling and such :)

  2. I love your idea :D I think I'll do something rose themed. Maybe the rose sweets can be the idea I was waiting for for st.valentine *_* Thank you!!!