Monday, October 3, 2011

Shopping, Dying and Sewing

Hello ♪ Sorry for the late update, college applications insist on consuming my life and any speck of free time I once previously enjoyed (u___u). 
Anyways, I excited to share my first real Mori shopping haul! I did not own any brand-name Mori clothing before and though that this was a great (and cheap) opportunity to buy~
A cute, thick (and slightly itchy) Wonder Rocket cardigan

This adorable sailor top

This lovely SM2 long apron

An ity-bity German apron

Finally a Crisp apron dress
Cute tag ♥
Complete with pockets

 I actually have a funny (well, rather tragic, actually) story about this dress. Before I was going to wear it, I tossed it in the washer (seems logical, no?). Little did I know that my Mom had used bleach in the previous cycle :c There were terrible orange spots right on the front of the dress and splotches on the back as well. Embroidery couldn't even cover these suckers up. I finally decided that with the help of my art teacher, we would try to dye it back to somewhere close to it's original color. After two days after school of bleaching, stirring, dying, more stirring and washing, it turned into a lovely cocoa color. The nice cream underskirt did turn eggplant-brown colored though.  I had also cut off the lace hem on the underskirt and the brand tag before I dyed the dress to try to preserve it's white color. I re-sewed on the lace trip pretty haphazardly, but I don't really have a working machine and I was impatient to wear it the next day (>.<). You can't see the stains on the front unless you look for them anymore, so I guess it was a success. Unfortunately, after I washed it for a second time, both parts re-sewn on, the dye ran a bit. Here's what the lace looks like now (the photo of the tag above is after the second washing).


I don't think it looks terribly bad (its a very light purple/brown shade), but I was worried if it looked strange because lace never comes in this color. Any thoughts?

I also bought some magazines from the same seller, which I haven't been able to read/gawk at the photos yet. Why college, why? (;A;)
I wish I had the alpaca tote that came with one of these...
I also traded with another seller for this cute Paris Kids pin. Can anyone read it? (^_^;)

German?? I have no idea...
And last but not least, here is my coordinate for the Crisp apron dress (before the colors ran again).
I felt like a cute French bakery shop girl (I need a beret!!)

Detail shot ♫

I wore my brown granny boots later ^_^;
Blouse: Lespim Lowry's Farm
OP: Crisp
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Barrettes and pin: Handmade by me

♥ Thanks for reading ♥

Oh! Also, I have a big question to ask: how should I coordinate my SM apron? Any pics or tips? Thanks c:


  1. That Wonder Rocket piece is so cute!
    I think the lace looks fine to me. The outfit suits you really well!

  2. OMG!
    The little cardigan is absolutly adorable!
    I wish I could buy WOnder Rocket too!

  3. Darling little outfit!
    I'm seeing it with a beret with a pom pom on it.
    With the apron, I think it would look nice with a tank beneath it, layer a sweater on top and a long drape skirt on the bottom.

  4. I'm actually selling the wonder rocket cardigan now, it didn't fit the way I'd hoped it would. Comment or message me if you're interested ♥