Monday, December 6, 2010

Monthly Challenge Theme: Snow and Ice

 Theme: Snow and Ice 

Living in this part of the country, I rarely have the chance to witness snow or ice. Because of this, I would love for mori girls living in cooler parts of the world to share what the snow looks like where they live! Take photos, create art or anything else you desire. If you don't get to see snow every year, why not show off some pretty paper snowflakes for decorations? It's up to you!


  1. We have snow from November to March... and I like snow, but I do wish the winter was maybe just a liiiittle bit shorter. :) So lots of snow photos already on my blog!

  2. Here in Finland the snow came pretty early this year, near the end of October. Now we have about half a meter of it.
    Maybe I should draw something in celebration of this really snowy winter<3