Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Lifestyle Ideas

It's officially winter now, so here are a few ideas to keep your mind off the cold, brrr!
  • If you haven't had the chance yet, try making clove oranges with pretty red ribbons
  • Collect holiday cookie tins to store treasures or maybe as reusable gift wrapping
  • Make handmade tree ornaments in empty glass balls - I will make a tutorial on this soon!
  • Use cinnamon for everything! Tea, food, candles, decoration, it's the sent of winter!
  • Create paper snowflakes to string or tape to windows
  • How about a snow photo shoot? Or simply photos of your winter landscape
  •  For less chilly evenings, wrap a silk scarf or crocheted lace shawl around your shoulders
  • Incorporated berry and winter colors into your wardrobe - cranberry, pine cone-brown and evergreen
  • Start collection decorations for holiday presents, look out for small pine cones, sprigs or berries and evergreen branches (I'm also going to write a post on gift wrapping of course)!

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