Monday, November 1, 2010

Monthly Challenge Theme: Bark and Wood

Hello readers! I am happy to introduce a new series called " Monthly Challenge Themes". As you may have already guessed, each challenge with have a different theme for you to participate in. The themes will be general enough to be left up for interpretation. If anyone is familiar with the LJ communitie's Mori Girl group, these themes will be similar. Ways of responding to these themes include (linking/posting photos/writing about) inspired outfits, photographs, food, crafts, findings, art or really anything you can think of! Hopefully these posts will aid in inspiring your mori lifestyle. I am very excited to see the results! Please have fun with this!

This month's challenge theme: Bark and Wood

That's all I'm going to say, the rest is up to you!

Well, I am acutally going to post a few photos I took this evening :)

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