Sunday, October 17, 2010

Train Adventure

This weekend my boyfriend and I skipped out on homecoming to ride a steam train from the 1920's. The train car was very beautiful and nostalgic. The original wood, metal and even the seat cushions had been wonderfully preserved. The ride was a pleasant 2 and a half hours through the scenic hill country. The weather permitted us to open the windows in the air conditioning-less cart and enjoy a gentle cool breeze. I packed a picnic lunch for us to snack on aboard. During our layover, we explored a tiny town. We shopped antique stores and ate slices of pie. One curious event occurred at an antique shop I have visited several years ago with my family. The elderly woman attending her store greeted me with a "welcome back". it was a little eerie that she recognized me so quickly. After shopping and exploring we rode back to town and were also greeted by several horses running along side the tracks. It made for a wonderful day! I highly recommend riding a old-fashioned steam train. Riding through the forests and hills gave the experience a very mori-esque feel. 

My treasures

I hope to ride the train again some day!

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