Sunday, October 17, 2010

School Supplies: Mori Style

If you're still in school, you know too well just how boring school supplies can be. The generic spiral journals and wooden pencils just don't give you the pep you need to get through the day. Hopefully there are others like me that take school supplies very seriously. To help aid in the morning monotony, I have composed a list of ideas to mori-fy your school day.

Firstly, is your backpack. You need something to hold all of your new goodies, don't you? Satchels made of canvas, denim and floral prints are signature of mori style.

This is my backpack. I picked it up at a second-hand store in japan for the fabulous price of just 700 yen (aprx $7.00). After a few repairs and a piece of lace on the zipper, it was good to go!


Other good picks:

Topshop Faux Fur Rucksack (Click for image)

Large Cord Rucksack (Click for image) 

Now on to journals and note books!
  • Beat the 50 cent spirals with hard-cover bound journals
  • Look for covers in  solid colors, like foresty greens, browns, tans and creams
  • Moleskine creates a wide variety of soft and hard cover journals and planners in several colors
  • Use old maps to cover textbooks
  • Hind unattractive covers by covering them in brown butcher paper or sewing your own textbook or planner covers our of felt. Bonus: embroider them with cute motifs like ferns and woodland animals. Even better: crochet book covers if you know how!
  • Laminate large leaves to use as book marks for required reading
  • If you use plastic binders, buy the ones with the plastic cover and insert botanical illustrations, prints and old photos
  • Add pressed flowers in between the pages of your planner, or leave them in a textbook for next year's students

    Pencils and the like
    •  Keep a small "treasure pouch" to store your pencils and pens. Forest Bound on Etsy occasionally makes some out of recycled canvas and other materials.  
    • Use small pouches to also case your electronics, such as your phone, music player or calculator
    • Opt for natural wood pencils over yellow ones
    • Use ink pens rather than ball point for a more polished look
      Lunch time
      • Try a re-usable canvas bag to store lunch goodies
      • When the weather is nice a while a picnic may be appropriate outside during lunch at school. Pack a wicker basket topped with a piece of cloth or doily. 
      I hope these tips will add some style to your school schedule! 

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        1. I love that kind of canvas bag but I've never dared to buy and use one...
          Topshop is a nice store but I don't go often on their website because it makes me wishing a lot a items and I don't have this shop in my country.

          PS: Your blog is really nice.