Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Boots!

Horray! For months, I have been drooling over these lovely mid-calf lace up boots that seem to be ubiquitous in both the Eastern and Western fashion scenes. The boots are perfect for romping around in the forest. On top of that, that are light enough for year round use! The only obstacle between my feet and a pair of these lovely boots was my shoe size; a cringing US women's 11. Notice my use of past tense there. Well, I guess there wouldn't be a post if it wasn't... Anyways, I found them! My wonderful Grandmother decided that she wanted to take me shoe shopping (yipee)! Doing a little bit of research before we left, I discovered that our destination (DSW) had my desired style of boots, in my size! Once we arrived, I discovered though that the initial color I wanted (tan) did not have my size in the store. Next to these were the exact same style of boot in black in my size. Still just as giddy as before I happily scooped up the shoes and practically skipped out the door! Aren't they beautiful? Simple, black faux leather boots with a modest heel and without the lazy zipper on the side. I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow <3

If you are currently searching for boots like these, here are a few tips that may aid in your search

MIA Benito boot at DSW

  Free People Acme boot

Prague boot by Wanted

Suedutte Midcalf Workman boots by Forever 21

Happy boot hunting!  


  1. I love those boots so much, but they're sort of impossible to find at the moment in Brazil - it's spring and we're running on last springs north hemisphere trends... I hope to soon find some in a place that ships internationally, ebay or something.

  2. Oh, wait. Acme is now shipping to Brazil! But it gets so expensive... /goes save