Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mori-esque Video Games

One of the challenges when attempting to live a mori or natural-kei lifestyle is trying to adapt non-natural items such as electronics. In this post, I will be talking about how to outfit your gaming system mori-style!

Firstly, what video games could possible constitute mori? In a world of magical girls and super villains, the pickings appear pretty slim. Luckily, I've unearthed a few titles that may suit a mori mindset. I chose to include only Nintendo DS games (for now?) because I am most familiar with them. They portability and customization options also make them ideal for the mori enthusiast.

On to the games:

Animal Crossing Wild World: I personally love this game! Create your own character and participate in year round events and activities such as holidays, fishing, shopping, making snow men, plant flowers, collect fruit, collecting acorns, talking to neighbors, decorating your home and watching stars!

Gardening Mama: A sequel to Cooking Mama, grow, tend and harvest your own garden of flowers and other goodies!

Rune Factory: This JRPG has beautiful, almost watercolor-quality, whimsical graphics. From what I have seen, this game allows you to tend to a garden, interact with animals and much more complete with a story line.

Harvest Moon DS Cute: This game allows you to live as a farmer, growing and selling a variety of crops, tending to animals and even entering them in fairs! This cute game has a bit of level grinding, but is still plenty enjoyable to play.

Time for the accessories! Accessorizing your DS through cases, skins and straps can be very useful in creating your desired natural kei-aesthetic.


Here is a forest green silicon case for your Nintendo DSi avaliable on Amazon

This is a cute card/cartridge holder from Paper Plane Products

Here are a few cute DS cases also from Paper Plane Products

And yet another item from Paper Plane Products; a cute coffee-themed DS skin

I hope these ideas will help you spruce up your DS!

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  1. OMG, DS cases are just so cute!
    Animal Crossing is one of my favourite Video Game, I wish I still could play it.