Friday, June 8, 2012

Infinity Fawn Scarf Review

As you may of seen on my last post, I recently got this lovely faux fawn fur infinity scarf! When my parents asked what I wanted as a graduation gift, I knew immediately ^o^ I'd had my eye on this scarf for quite a few months, but was unable to buy it (and not feel guilty for spending so much) because of the price tag of ¥6,800 (about $90). I guess graduation high school is a good enough excuse for my parents! Plus Cleveland is going to be chilly and blah blah blah I really wanted it :)

The scarf is made by Miho of the Etsy store Tokyo Forest Design. She was very kind and messaged me often to inform me of updates on my scarf. It took he about a week to make it and about two weeks to make it to my door.
The scarf is an "infinity scarf" meaning that it is one giant loop and can easily be wrapped around your head twice. It is also reversible, featuring a lovely grey-green plaid on the other side. Very Mori-girl! Actually I think it would look great on mori guys as well :)

The item(s) arrived all nicely packaged in a sturdy little box with tissue paper wrapped around the items.
 The construction of the item is beautiful and the materials are of high quality. Although I don't have a worn photo (yet) I tried it on and easily wrapped it around my neck with room to spare. Not too tight at all, I like the slightly "loose" and oversized feel of it.
Ms. Miho also included some extra goodies! A cute sweets pouch with an unusual closure (strips of snappy metal...hard to describe), her business card, a paper crane and test patches of the fabric (for washing I assume). She also included washing details about the item. and the paper bear bag she included everything is is just too cute!

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchases and can't wait to use my scarf this fall1 There are a few other items in her shop I have my eye on too ;)


  1. I really love that shop, everything looks so cute☆ I was hoping to buy one of the collars when the weather turns cold again. Thank you for posting this review, she seems like a wonderful seller :)

  2. It's really cute and totally mori!!!