Monday, February 6, 2012

Cute as a Button

This is just a quick update, I promise the monthly posts are coming soon ♫

First off is a button hair tie I made based off a Wonder Rocket design

Secondly, today I received my order from Cotton Candy Friends
I decided to quickly snatch up a few items from the $1.99 sale. My total came to about $10 shipped! 
She also included some cute sticky notes ♥
This is my second order from here and she provides marvelous customer service (and items and prices...)
I highly recommend her shop! \(^o^)/

More soon!


  1. I had been missing your posts! :( The hair tie looks great! How did you manage to get the hair tie to stay on the button in the end?

  2. Aww thanks! ♥
    I just hot glued the elastic directly to the button then layered a strip of cotton over the elastic to hide the glue :) The lace is also glued directly to the button and the glue is hidden under the fabric.