Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Lifestyle Ideas

Happy New Year everyone! I apologize for almost forgetting about my monthly posts, but here they are ♫ Also, please excuse all of the tutorial tips, I've been rather obsessed with Pinterest lately ^_^;
  • Experiment with colors like creams, cool pinks and beiges if you never have before.
  • Try this yummy lavender cookie recipe
  • Have a half-used eyeshadow you don't want to throw out but never use? Turn it into nail polish
  • Already experiencing warm weather? Try these shorts for a casual look. Accent with lace too!
  • Stamps can be expensive but this fashionable triangle stamp is not!
  • Wire baskets make cute and handy storage solutions
  • Many Mori girls in Japan (or Japanese girls in general) have little pouches for just about every electronic or collection of pens, candies or make up supplies they one. They not only keep everything organized, but also protect your items from marks and scratches ~
  • Here are images of mori-style interiors I've collected c:
  • Lace laces and aprons (cotton and sheer) over a loose, A-line denim skirt for an effortless look 
  • Fabric stickers are a cute way to dress up a planner, phone, photo frame, flower pot or anything else for that matter!
I love "what's in my bag" pictures ♥

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