Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Lifestyle Ideas

  • It's not to late for pumpkin everything (tastes, scents, colors, you name it!)
  • Fawn prints, fawn prints, fawn prints, am I right? 
  • Spice up an outfit with an inexpensive, versatile beret and dress it up with detachable pins and other accessories
  • Adhesive lace is a cute and easy way to decorate stationary, gifts, photo frames and more!
  • Slowing start incorporating plaids and tartans (via scarves or skirts) to get you in the mood for winter
  • Dress up a simple shirt with a lace collar. Sew it on to make it permanent or layer it over other clothing
  • I am a huge fan of brooches, like this adorable bunny. You can make your own using Scuply modeling clay and paint. Pins can be found at nearly any craft store.
  • Here's a cute decorating idea: collect small antique embroidered handkerchiefs, frame them, and arrange them like art
  • Check out this cute lace jewelry holder tutorial
  • Take a second to sit down and breath. It's fall, enjoy it.

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