Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scrapbooking Practice

I took some advice I recieved on what to do with my small collection of postage stamps and started a small scrapbook! I thought it was a good way to put small trinkets and scraps of paper that I had been holding onto to good use. I purchased the book at a home goods store (blank craft paper). I took advantage of my small stamp collection, as well as ribbons, deco tape, doilies, stickers, coins, polaroids, lace and other pretty bits (oh and a bit of doodling, I can draw better than this I swear, I just wanted it to look a bit whimsical). Here is what I have done so far. I think it has a nice vintage feel ♪♫♪

Bonus: a cute handmade chick strap I bought at a Thai restaurant. Cheep~
Thanks for looking~


  1. It's looking so sweet! I really like the polaroid shots

  2. Sooooo pretty! Ah! What a lovely idea the scrapbook is!! You have such lovely collagin/scrapbooking skills! :)

  3. hello!
    i love mori girl style too !
    and your blog is wonderful !
    love your scrapbook , so nice and sweet!