Saturday, August 20, 2011

Outfit Post + Shopping + Food

Hi everyone ♪ I recently bought this cute blouse from Alpacalover. It's so cute and the collar is detachable via a small button on the blouse! I have never seen this on a shirt before. The Japanese are so thoughtful ;A; She even included a cute little frog key chain and sweet letter with my shirt :3 She also suggested I post a coordinate and that sounded like a darn good idea to me! I also got a haircut (side bangs!!) and gave my eyebrows a new shape. How does it look?

Blouse: Lepsim Lowrys Farm
Skirt: Lowrys Farm
Belt: Thrifted 
Bag: From a recycle shop in Japan (the rose is handmade)
Jewelry: Pearls, gold Betsey Johnson sunhat earrings & a gold tennis bracelet
Socks/shoes: Target (Xhilleration)

I wore these shoes when I went out ^_^;;
How about with a hat? (from a Japanese Claire's)

Bonus: Make-up shot~
 My boyfriend and I also spent our last day together before he goes to college (and celebrated my birthday a bit early) at a cute historic cafe. 

Yummy watermelon lemonade ♪

My squash pesto pizza!

I am going to miss him so much :(
 That's all for now~