Friday, August 5, 2011

August Lifestyle Ideas

  • Cool off with a floral bath - spread rose and violet petals in the water and add essential oils like lavender and mint to relax
  • Make a cool treat by topping off yummy chocolate ice cream with raspberries, mint leaves and almond slivers
  • Use cute vintage tea and cookie tins to store small hair accessories, jewelry and school supplies
  • Spend the day (and night) at a beach-side carnival and take vintage-style photos of merry-go-rounds and ornate food stands. Use a lomo/Holga or polaroid camera for the most vintage feel.
  • Send a surprise package to a friend that you talk to often - they will not expect to find a cute package for them in the mail! Include a cute stationary note, hard candy, small toys and other sweet things ♪
  • Denim shorts can be mori too - I saw a pair of mid length distressed denim jean shorts with doilies and other lace trim sewn on that made them look positively adorable!
  • Make a mori-accessory strictly with things you already have lying around. Scraps of velvet, lace, doilies, ribbons, charms and fake flowers will do
  • Take this one step farther and make a cult-party inspired collar - notice how they used washing instruction tags!
  • Start a scrapbook of small items like stamps, ribbon, deco tape and decorative paper. A cute Japanese scrap booking mook can be downloaded here
  • Vintage metal locker drawers make cute storage solutions
  • Dab a drop or two of essential oils like lemon, rose, sage or lavender on your light bulbs. When the light bulbs heat up, the oil's scent is released~

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