Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Lifestyle Ideas

From Syrup's new collection

  • Outfit your breezy dresses with a simple white cotton smock or apron
  • Adopt your own "signature animal" - wear themed jewelry, colors and accessories. I personally love deer and rabbits myself :)
  • Host an outdoor evening garden party. Use mason jars with tea lights, dainty flower centerpieces and hang lanterns or fairy lights in trees. Serve berry themed drinks and desserts as well! 
  • Coordinate thin sailor stripes or polka dots into your outfit. Navy and white are traditional, but Syrup has included green and white stripes and lots of polka dots in their new collection
  • Make a small silk flower crown with tiny white flowers and greenery 
  • Wear a floppy sun hat to protect your skin from the approaching heat 
  • Grown a small tea herb garden - try chamomile, mint and even a mini lemon or lime tree and experiment with tea blends
  • Add some nautical flair to blouses and shirts with sailor collars or ascots
  • If your house or room is over do for a spring cleaning, now's the time to do it! Open windows to let in some fresh spring sun and air 
  • Add small pops of pastel yellow for added spring energy in your outfits

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