Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Lifestyle Ideas

  • Try incorporating bunnies, lambs and baby chick motifs into your outfits (think brooches, jewelry and prints)
  • It's not too late to start a small flower or vegetable garden, beans and carrots are easy to grow. (Or better yet - grow the seedlings indoors in egg shells)
  • Egg shells also make cute tiny flower vases or planters
  • Create you own spring centerpiece with (fake or real) eggs (try different colors and varieties), moss, lace, flowers or anything else that reminds you of spring.
  • Make a cute carrot cake in the honor or baby bunnies!
  • Start pressing spring flowers before summer withers them up. Use them to make cards or decorate a diary
  • If it's not quite warm enough to romp around outside yet, why not research mori-esque movies? I plan to do a large post sooner but why not try Anne of Green Gables, Princess Mononoke or (maybe a stretch but she does have a lot of cute outfits and forest scenes) Pan's Labyrinth.
  • Suzy's Zoo characters aren't very popular in the US, but I think they would be quite cute for mori-esque stationary and accessories. I have a cute calender I got for $1!
  • If you usually drink hot tea, research new ice tea blends. Peppermint, floral and fruit flavors make delicious cold tea.
  • If you're looking for a new friend, consider adopting a bunny from your human society. Many baby bunnies are given to children during Easter and then grow bored and abandon them. The same applies to chicks and ducklings!

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