Monday, February 14, 2011

Tropical Style + Summer Curly Collection Scans

Quite a while ago on the mori girl lj comm I believe I read a post about a girl who lives in a tropical part of Asia and was looking for styling advice to suit her environment. I'm not sure why I suddenly remembered this, but I decided it might be a good idea to make a post for girl who may be in a similar position. This guide is intended to help those who live in more tropical parts of the world to in-cooperate their own unique surroundings into the mori-girl fashion. There are just as many natural resources and animals for inspiration as any forest! Perhaps those who live in southeast Asia, Hawai'i or just near a nice beach and want a summer alternative to thick woolen socks!

As we are all aware, the fashion is best suited for girl who appear to have stumbled out of a deep European forest. This may be a little discouraging for those who don't live where thick forests are common, and we do not want anyone to shy away from this fashion if they are indeed interested! Without further ado, here are my tips for girl who want to embrace mori-styling but live in a tropical environment.

I took a bit of inspiration from last summer's edition of Spoon & Spoon Travel magazines (The photos are from the Curly Collection shoot in Chiang Mai, Thailand).

Head wear -a must to protect your face from harsh sunlight
  • Straw hats
  • Frayed raffia hats
  • Tropical flowers
  • Boater hats 
  • Tropical leaf & flower crowns
Clothing - keep it cool and light!
  • Knee-length white/cream sundresses
  • Bright colors
  • Tribal patterns
  • Light cotton skirts
  • Peasant tops
  • Nautical stripes
  • Floral motifs 
  • Mexican/south American patterns 
Shoes - open to let the sand tickle your toes
  • Hemp sandals
  • faux leather sandals 
  • Bare foot on the beach!
  • Frayed ankle cuffs (think hula-skirts for your feet)
Bags - to carry your tropical treasures
  • Woven straw totes (very popular)
  • Burlap sack
  • Old feed bags 
  • Clean seafood sacks
  • Small woven baskets 
  • Light backpacks
Other Accessories - shells, silver and sea glass, oh my!
  • Shell jewelry
  • Wooden jewelry
  • Rope/hemp bracelets and necklaces
  • Sea glass-hued jewelry
  • Mexican/south American jewelry (stamped silver, gold etc.)
  • Nautical rope motif items
Hair & Make up - salty sun-kissed waves
  • Wild waves
  • French braids
  • Pig-tail braids
  • Fish-tailed braids 
  • Sun-faded colored highlights
  • Topknot buns
  • Sun-kissed glowing skin
  • Rosy blush
  • Freckles (use a brown eye pencil if you have none ;)
And here are the magazine scans


  1. I may live in chilly Northern Europe, but this is a lovely, inspiring post anyway!

    I'm sure you've seen this post on the SM2 Summer 2010 collection before? It's not quite as tropical, but there's some nice inspiration for warm-weather looks.

  2. I love this, even though I live in Australia I still like the idea that you can adapt the style to suit your environment as I love mori girl style but the closet thing we have to a forest in most places is the outback (or the rainforests depending on where you live. I've always wondered if you could do an Australian-stylised mori girl and this post has inspired me to think of ways in which that is possible.

  3. That is a great shoot! Thanks ^_^ Oh and I would love to see Australian outback mori-girl style!

  4. Thank you so much for this- I don't live in a tropical climate. but it has been really humid recently, so this is really helpful! <3