Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ikkicon + Outfit Post

Happy new years everyone! I hope everyone had a safe holiday. This weekend I attended and volunteered doing registration at a local anime convention. Saturday was my mori-day :) I got many nice complements about about my outfit! So here was my outfit and the goodies I got. I don't understand how it all ended up being so much money, but that's anime conventions for you I guess (T_T)

Outfit Rundown:
Hat: Japanese Claire's
Denim Shirt: Mom's
Lace Shirt: Good Will
Belt: Good Will
Skirt: Lowry's farm (Japan) 
Lace Collar: bought on EGL comm
Fawn Collar: Hand-made
Backpack: Japanese second-hand shop
Other Accessories: Hand-made and second-hand

Side view

Close-up/make-up shot

My adorable backpack!

Now onto the spoils~

Shaymin and axolotl plushies
Memo pads, a bookmark and stickers (Siamese cats - get it?)


File folders part one - new characters!
File folders part two

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yeas, I ALWAYS spend a lot of money in anime conventions, even when I plan I won't :P

    Niceeee mori-girl outfit! Loooved the hat, the backpack and all your goodies! ^^

    Sugar kisses.