Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calico Critters

It's finally happened everyone. I've caught on to the Calico Critter craze... and I couldn't be happier! I first saw these cute little fuzzy dolls on blogs like Pink Milk Tea and in toy stores in Japan. (Although they are known as Sylvanian Families in Japan). They even sell complete houses and furniture for these little cuties. These tiny critters just scream mori! I want to keep them all in my pockets <3 From the wide variety of forest families to their dainty calico clothing and aprons. There joints are pose-able and are very well made. My boyfriend bought me the grey Cottontail Rabbit family for Christmas and I bought the Hedgehog twins soon after. They are usually sold in family 4-packs and baby twin packs of the matching family (sold separately). Aren't they just adorable? I want to start using them in little photo shoots! The Calico Critter website has all the families avaliable plus cute games and activities! The Hopscotch rabbits and deer are next on my wish list~ Is it just me or am I growing younger as I get older v_v;;

Here's a cute Japanese commercial:

My Cotton-tail rabbit family!




... and Sister!

These are my Pickleweeds Hedgehog twins

Little Brother

and little Sister~
I hope you found these cute!


  1. I didn't know those were known as Calico Critters! I've always known them as Sylvanian Families (that's what they're sold as in the UK). Aren't they adorable? I always give them a longing look when I see them on sale.

    "Is it just me or am I growing younger as I get older v_v;;" No, I feel the same way a lot of the time!

  2. Oh yes! I guess that reflects the fact that Australia is heavily influenced still by the UK! In Australia, these are called Sylvanian Families too!

    They've been around for such a long time. I regret not getting the ones that came out when I was just a wee child. They were much cheaper back then!

  3. I work at an international preschool in Tokyo and they have these critters for the kids to play with during play time. They also sell them at every toy store around Tokyo. They are kind of expensive but super cute! My sister in law is due to have her baby in a couple of days and I can't wait until the baby is old enough to play with these! I'm going to buy her all the sets!!