Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Introduction

An Introduction


Hello readers and welcome to Fern & Fawn; a blog based around mori and natural-kei fashion. What is mori and natural-kei fashion? The term "mori" means dense forest in Japanese and "natural-kei" roughly translates to "natural look".

This is not going to be mori-girl 101, this blog is designed for the slightly more seasoned mori girl or guy. The purpose of this blog is to inspire wardrobe and lifestyle tips and ideas for those interested in the mori and natural aesthetic. Here you will find outfits, crafts, lifestyle and fashion tips, art, decorating inspiration, notable findings, relevant events, item reviews and much more.

Why Fern & Fawn? Firstly, these are two of my favorite things. I have tried to incorporate my love or nature. beauty and natural aesthetic into one cohesive location; this blog.

A little about me? My name is Gabrielle and I have been interested in mori fashion for a little over a year. I perfer to hand make or find my outfit items second hand and vintage. I am also very interested in natural-kei interior design. I am a member of the livejournal  mori girl community and I can be found under the name littleskies101.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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